Special openings

The MAS is open from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 6 pm and on the following days for special openings Read More
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Leonardo: Citizen of Milan

At the end of September The MAS presents an exhibition on the activities of Leonardo during his twenty-year stay in Milan, offering visitors an opportunity to appreciate his astonishingly multifaceted genius. Read More

Appreciating art through the eyes of Leonardo

At the end of september the MAS presents an educational exhibition about Leonardo da Vinci at MAS “You can teach painting but not art" and appreciating art must be just as difficult as teaching it. Read More
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Are you looking for fun and unique gift ideas? Smartbox offers you a very wide range of gift boxes, including: - gift box "Infinite avventure pe... Read More
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Museo d’Arte e Scienza for kids and teens

The Museum has developed a guided tour dedicated to children and young, during which it will be possible to approach to the world of art in a new a... Read More
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MilanoCard is the card of tourist services in the city of Milan, with which you can enjoy some advantages: free use of all public transport, numero... Read More