Scientific Laboratory

Authentic Art, the Museum’s laboratory, has been working for over twenty years to perfect existing scientific methods and to develop new methods for ascertaining authenticity in art and antiques.
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International Institute

An internationally known institute, it specializes in the dating of wood (using infrared spectroscopy), in the scientific analysis of ancient paintings, in the material assessment of ivory, bronze and ceramic objects. The laboratory is available to individuals, collectors, art experts, restorers and museums. Dating of wood Wood is a material that can be easily dated through infrared spectroscopy. The laboratory of the Museum of Art and Science uses this method as an alternative to existing methods, due to its cost-effectiveness, reliability and precision. Fields of use: Icons, paintings, furniture, statues and objects, not only of European manufacture but also of Buddhist and African culture. Analysis of ivory objects: recognition of the material (there are many possible imitations) and evaluation of the age of aging. Ancient paintings The laboratory performs a proven series of scientific tests to verify compatibility with the presumed historical period. It will therefore be possible, for example, to recognize a 17th century painting from a 19th century copy or from an even more recent reproduction. Only paintings of presumed age prior to 1900 are analyzed. Assessment of the material The laboratory also carries out checks on excavated bronzes and ceramics through the study and analysis of surface alteration.
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Assessments of materials



Four Dedicated Rooms

Admire the beauty of the collection: statues, thrones, fabrics, drums, objects of worship and obviously many masks expressing the incredible variety of shapes, colors, types and uses, bearers of meanings, avatar of spirits, controllers, judges and guardians.

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