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logo_arteautenticaFor over twenty years Arte Autentica, the Museum laboratory, has devoted itself to perfecting existing scientific methods and developing new ones for determining authenticity in the field of art and antiques.
An internationally recognized institution, it specializes in the dating of wood (using infrared spectroscopy), the scientific analysis of old paintings, and verification of the material properties of ivory, bronze and ceramic articles. The laboratory is at the disposal of private individuals, collectors, art experts, restorers and museums.

Dating of wood
Wood is a material that can easily be dated by infrared spectroscopy. The laboratory of the Museo d’Arte e Scienza uses this method as an alternative to existing ones because of its cheapness, reliability and accuracy.
Fields of use:
Icons, paintings, furniture, statues and objects, not only of European production but also items belonging to Buddhist and African culture.
Analysis also of ivory objects: identification of the material (possible imitations are numerous) and evaluation of ageing.

Old paintings
The laboratory performs a proven series of scientific tests to verify compatibility with a precise historical period. It is thus possible, for example, to tell a 17th century painting from a 19th century copy or an even more recent reproduction.
Only works presumed to have been painted before 1900 are analyzed.

Identification of material
The laboratory also carries out tests on bronzes and excavated pottery, examining and analyzing surface changes.

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