Leonardo da Vinci


At the Museo d’Arte e Scienza it is possible to visit two permanent exhibitions on Leonardo da Vinci:

Exhibition no. 1 “Leonardo Citizen of Milan”
In 1483 Leonardo presented himself to the Duke of Milan, offering his services as an expert in military and industrial machines, engineer of navigable canals, painter, architect, sculptor and master of revels. This promise obliged him, during his twenty years at court, to undertake intense activity and exploit all his talent.

Exhibition no. 2 “Treatise on Painting”
Leonardo was in the habit, wherever he happened to find himself, of jotting down his thoughts on myriads of separate sheets, concentrating them in very few, not always comprehensible, words and with many repetitions. Several thousands of these sheets have been collected over the past centuries and ordered into a book under the title “Treatise on Painting”. It may be considered his most significant work and one of the most important books on art ever written. The rules and advice contained therein are addressed to painters and point the way to creating true works of art. At the same time they also help the observer of a painting to appreciate its artistic value. This explains the title of the exhibition catalogue: “Appreciating Art through the Eyes of Leonardo”.