Museo Arte e Scienza

With its splendid collections, its teaching session dedicated to authenticity and the scientific laboratory, in-depth information on Leonardo Da Vinci and its rich offer of cultural activities , is a unique and unmissable place in Milan.


Milan MAS Museum

Close to the Castello Sforzesco, located inside the nineteenth-century Palazzo Bonacossa, the Museum of Art and Science is born as a unique “Educational museum for the detection of fake antiques” in the world .

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The exhibition between design and project culture that tells the best of contemporary Chinese….

MAS Exhibitions

Buddhist Art

From a careful selection of the numerous and remarkable pieces from Thailand , Burma , China and Japan ,came to birth the permanent exhibition entitled “The Buddhist Art of East Asia”, considered one of the most beautiful Italian collections about the Indochinese area.

African Art

Four rooms dedicated to African ethnographic art where you can admire the beauty of the collection: statues, thrones, fabrics, drums, objects of worship and of course many masks expressing the incredible variety of shapes, colors, types and uses, bearers of meanings, avatar of spirits, controllers, judges and guardians.

Leonardo Da Vinci

MAS dedicates to Leonardo Da Vinci two educational exhibitions, one on the Milanese period of his own life and the other on the Treatise on Painting exemplified and explained to reveal to a large or small public, the secrets and techniques of the most famous painter in history.

Authenticity in art

The path on the recognition of authenticity in art and antiques is the flagship of the Museum, one of a kind and the only example in the world of a museum dedicated to the important issue of ascertaining authenticity in art.

"Being authentic is not enough for an art object, it must also be able to convey emotions"

School and Family

Percorso Multiculturale

Culture diverse e diversa spiritualità: una, quella buddhista, incentrata sulla raffigurazione di un uomo, rigidamente….

Detective dell’arte Scuola Primaria – Arte e Scienza a misura di bambino

Toccare, annusare, osservare con lenti d’ingrandimento e microscopi, utilizzando i nostri sensi, la capacità….

Furto al Museo – Gioco di investigazione

Imparare a riconoscere un oggetto autentico da un falso, ad usare i propri sensi….

Vero o Falso – Io chi sono?

La proposta del MAS, in collaborazione con l’associazione Pepita Onlus, è l’attivazione di laboratori….

Detective dell’arte – Arte e Scienza a misura di bambino

Toccare, annusare, osservare con lenti d’ingrandimento e microscopi, utilizzando i nostri sensi, la capacità….


Scientific Lab

The laboratory of the MAS – Museum of Art and Science in Milan has been working for over twenty years to perfect existing scientific methods and to develop new ones for ascertaining authenticity in art and antiques.


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