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Happy Holidays

Dear Friends, the MAS will be open Monday to Friday from 10 to 18,….

Bill Owens – A car with a vintage

BILL OWENS A car with a vintage A cura di Claudia Zanfi Inaugurazione della….

Music at MAS: Coro Elikya – The rhythm of faith

On Thursday 22 October – 7.15 pm –  At the conclusion of the festival….

Learning art – meetings about art history – from Gothic to early Renaissance

Professor Vidali aims to provide ,with the aid of slides and with a simple….

The spirit of the mask: testimonies from Asia and Africa

5 October – 16 November, six events every Monday h 18.30-19.30 The MAS presents,….

Music at MAS: From lounges to nightclubs

Thursday 17 September at 19.15 for the fifth concert of the festival Music at….

Face to Face – Tong Yanrunan – European Exhibition

Urheimat – Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition

From August 27 to September 4, 2015 the MAS is pleased to present: “Urheimat”….

Music at MAS: Sounds of the wise men – from heaven to food

Thursday 20 August, 7.15 pm – The fourth concert of the festival Music at….

Leonardo: Citizen of Milan

In 1483 Leonardo offered his services to the Duke of Milan as an expert….

Appreciating art through the eyes of Leonardo

“Art cannot be taught to those to whom nature grants it not”, this thesis….

Multimedia Tour – Innovation paths at the Museo d’Arte e Scienza

Born from the collaboration between MAS and Intrart the new multimedia audio guide, is available in….