Friends of the Museo d’Arte e Scienza

Stemma Associazione Amici del Museo d'Arte e Sceinza

2010 saw the inauguration of the Association of Friends of the Museum, presided over and directed by Patrizia Matthaes, the eldest of the founder’s children, which each year proposes a rich calendar of cultural events.

The aim of the Association is to bring greater commitment to the safeguarding of authenticity in art, promoting, on the one hand, the Museum’s museological and didactic activities and, on the other, fostering scientific research at the service of art itself.

We have numerous projects in mind, ranging from:
» The introduction of a grant for a researcher who, working in the Museum laboratory, can contribute to the further development of the application of scientific methods to the field of art
»The salvage through restoration of works of great cultural value.

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