Expo Milan 2015


The Museo d’Arte e Scienza is preparing for the big event of “EXPO Milano 2015“ with numerous and important initiatives. An original painting course with Leonardo Da Vinci as teacher. His advice, collected in the famous “A Treatise on Painting”, will be the object of this intensive course.

corso_leonardo_da_vinci_museo corso_leonardo_da_vinci_museo_1 corso_leonardo_da_vinci_2

Sculpture, painting and photography in the wonderful rooms of the Museum which overlook the Castle of Milan. museo_expo_mostreartecontemporanea2museo_expo_mostreartecontemporanea

“Leonardo Da Vinci, Citizen of Milan” and “Appreciating Art Through the Eyes of Leonardo” will be extended. expo_museoartescienza_mostraleonardo

The long-awaited reopening of the section dedicated to African Art, with some of the most beautiful objects of the Gottfried Matthaes’s collection.

museo_expo_arteafricana_1 museo_expo_arteafricana_2 donna_legata_museoartescienza_expo

As always, do not miss the Permanent Exhibitions about Buddhist Art, one of the most beautiful Italian collections of Thailand and Burma origin. . museo_expo_artebuddhista_1 museo_expo_artebuddhista_2

Didactic Section about the determining the authenticity of art and antiques, unique in the world. museo_expo_autenticita_1 museo_expo_autenticita_2