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    Happy Holidays

    Dear Friends, the MAS will be open Monday to Friday from 10 to 18, except 24 and 25 December, 31 December and 1st January. Happy Holidays from the Matthaes Family and from alla the staff of the MAS.

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    Music at MAS: Coro Elikya – The rhythm of faith

    On Thursday 22 October – 7.15 pm –  At the conclusion of the festival Music at MAS the Coro Elikya presents ‘the rhythm of faith': from animism to the different religions of the world. Elikya in Lingala language means hope, to point out that young people, despite the contrasts and[…]

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    The spirit of the mask: testimonies from Asia and Africa

    5 October – 16 November, six events every Monday h 18.30-19.30 The MAS presents, in collaboration with the Centro di Cultura Italia-Asia, a fascinating journey among the masks that despite their regional differentiation, cultural and functional elements have similarities. They are inseparable from singing, music and dancing while in a[…]

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    Music at MAS: From lounges to nightclubs

    Thursday 17 September at 19.15 for the fifth concert of the festival Music at MAS we will travel from Europe to South America, straddling the centuries, with the music of Piazzolla, Pujol, Ibert and Giuliani played by Marco Cristofaro, guitarist, and Giorgia Natale flute. Entrance 9€, reduced 5€. Reservation recommended 0272022488

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    Face to Face – Tong Yanrunan – European Exhibition

    The exhibition brings together the result of an extraordinary project of paintings by Chinese Tong Yanrunan. For a few days continuously , the artist has painted portraits of  personalities. Verbal communication between him and his models was not possible because of the language barrier, resulting in the pure concentration of[…]

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    Urheimat – Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition

    From August 27 to September 4, 2015 the MAS is pleased to present: “Urheimat” – a Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition – between sculpture, painting and photography. Artists on show: Bai Ye, Ding Xinhua, Guan Wei, Guo Liwei, Miao Xiaochun, Tang Huawei, Yang Qian and also: Deng Guoyuan gives us the[…]

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    Music at MAS: Sounds of the wise men – from heaven to food

    Thursday 20 August, 7.15 pm – The fourth concert of the festival Music at MAS introduce us to the sounds of sitar and tabla, two ancient instruments of traditional Indian music played by Ashanka Sen and Maurizio Murdocca. Indian music is strongly integrated with the social and cultural tradition of[…]

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    Leonardo: Citizen of Milan

    In 1483 Leonardo offered his services to the Duke of Milan as an expert in industrial and wartime machinery, designer of navigable canals, painter, architect, sculptor and organiser of public celebrations. The MAS presents an exhibition on the activities of Leonardo during his twenty-year stay in Milan, offering visitors an opportunity[…]