The Art Collector’s
Illustrated Handbook
How to tell authentic antiques from fakes

By Gottfried Matthaes

The most complete and updated handbook on the ascertainment of authenticity in art and antiques.
540 pages and more than 2,000 color illustrations in 3 volumes and 3 languages (Italian, English and German).
Volume 1, 2 and 3
Volume 1 € 40,00
Volume 2 and 3 € 30,00 each one

20% DISCOUNT on the individual volume, 30% on the purchase of all three books


East Asian Buddhist Art

by Gottfried Matthaes

On the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the foundation of the Museo d’Arte e Scienza, the owner Gottfried Matthaes published the catalog of the exhibition on Buddhist Art, which has been opened in October 2010.
More than 200 pictures of works of art from all over the East in a bilingual edition (Italian – English) suitable to all, lovers and collectors.
€ 40,00



Beauty and Authenticity in African Art

by Gottfried Matthaes

More than 200 big color pictures of valuable objects from the historical collection Matthaes, partially exposed and preserved in some rooms of the Museo d’Arte e Scienza in Milan. Unique is the second section of this volume, which is dedicated to the determining authenticity in African art. 380 pages in 4 languages (Italian, English, German and French).
€ 70,00



Appreciating Art Through the Eyes of Leonardo

By Gottfried Matthaes

A reduced and simplified edition of the “Treatise on Painting” by Leonardo da Vinci. A collection of his most significant and important articles for the evaluation of an artistic work, which have been expressed in a few clear lines with the words of the Master and illustrated with his own drawings, paintings and other important art objects, suited to understand his teachings. 150 pages in 2 languages (Italian and English)
€ 20,00



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The Museum’s Mp3

The audio guide of the Museum becomes a handy Mp3.
First it helps you visiting the Museum, then it can be started up at the reception. You can personalize the Mp3 by charging all your music.
It has the dimensions of a credit card, ultra shin and totally waterproof.
€ 20,00


Pocket Wood’s Light

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Set pen and pencil

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