Learning art – meetings about art history – from Gothic to early Renaissance

Professor Vidali aims to provide ,with the aid of slides and with a simple and clear language, an overview of the great art history, with particular reference to the extraordinary events that have affected Italy. The meetings will focus on the most significant moments and authors that led Italy to[…]

The spirit of the mask: testimonies from Asia and Africa

5 October – 16 November, six events every Monday h 18.30-19.30 The MAS presents, in collaboration with the Centro di Cultura Italia-Asia, a fascinating journey among the masks that despite their regional differentiation, cultural and functional elements have similarities. They are inseparable from singing, music and dancing while in a[…]

Music at MAS: From lounges to nightclubs

Thursday 17 September at 19.15 for the fifth concert of the festival Music at MAS we will travel from Europe to South America, straddling the centuries, with the music of Piazzolla, Pujol, Ibert and Giuliani played by Marco Cristofaro, guitarist, and Giorgia Natale flute. Entrance 9€, reduced 5€. Reservation recommended 0272022488

Face to Face – Tong Yanrunan – European Exhibition

The exhibition brings together the result of an extraordinary project of paintings by Chinese Tong Yanrunan. For a few days continuously , the artist has painted portraits of  personalities. Verbal communication between him and his models was not possible because of the language barrier, resulting in the pure concentration of[…]