Urheimat – Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition

From August 27 to September 4, 2015 the MAS is pleased to present: “Urheimat” – a Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition – between sculpture, painting and photography. Artists on show: Bai Ye, Ding Xinhua, Guan Wei, Guo Liwei, Miao Xiaochun, Tang Huawei, Yang Qian and also: Deng Guoyuan gives us the[…]

Music at MAS: Sounds of the wise men – from heaven to food

Thursday 20 August, 7.15 pm – The fourth concert of the festival Music at MAS introduce us to the sounds of sitar and tabla, two ancient instruments of traditional Indian music played by Ashanka Sen and Maurizio Murdocca. Indian music is strongly integrated with the social and cultural tradition of[…]