Elikya intercultural choir. Performance in traditional African costume

On Thursday 18th April, at 7.30 pm, members of coro Elikya, in traditional African costume, will interpret a selection of ancestral songs of varied provenance, some of which inspired by the objects in the Museum’s collection. The Elikya choir arose out of the experience of the COE, Centro Orientamento Educativo,[…]

“Ancestral”, ethnographic art exhibition

An ethnographic art exhibition: ceremonial objects, sacred idols and rare tokens pertaining to the spiritual culture of the last native inhabitants of the planet’s rain forests, islands and mountains. Organized by SangreDeAmerica.Org, the exhibition retraces animistic beliefs and Shamanism through the universal language of art. The project supports the self-determination[…]

“High Mountains and Uncontaminated Land: Understanding Tibet and its Inhabitants” by Dr. Alessandro Boesi

On Thursday 11 April, at 6.30 pm, Dr. Alessandro Boesi, Tibetologist and biologist, one of Italy’s foremost experts on Tibetan culture, will present his second lecture on Tibet entitled, “High Mountains and Uncontaminated Land: Understanding Tibet and its Inhabitants”. Alessandro Boesi earned a research doctorate in Biological Anthropology in 2004 (Muséum[…]